Adults; $20 per head
Young Adults: $10 per head
Children: Free

There are 5 different ways to secure tickets to this outstanding event of the year.

1. Free, complimentary Tickets through Fundraising Program.
200 tickets have been set aside by, an International calling service company with very competitive rates to Kenya.

Simply sign up for a new account, purchase the minimum Kenyan plan at $20 or more and get a free entry to the 50th year Jamhuri day celebration!.

Pingo will then remit all the sales eqivalent to each $20 event ticket price towards the costs of hosting the event.

NB: $20 will give a caller over 3 hours to call a Kenyan landline or Kenyan mobile phone with Pingo Mega Calling Plan. The call service is also very clear and of superior quality. Any unused balance on your Pingo account is carried forward every month. Most importantly, you get to call your people back home and still get to enjoy a free Jamhuri day!

To get your free tix, click here and sign up >>>>

2. Kenyan Stores
Limited number of tickets willl be available for pick up at many different Kenyan stores including:
*Salon D'Afrique, Lowell
*Alex Suits, Lowell
*Cultures United (Salima's Place), Lowell
*Safari Cafe, Worcester
*Vibes Salon & Beaty Supplies, Lowell
More locations will be added as they become available.

3. Paypal Online Payments
For fast and convinient ticket purchase, you the NEKWA secure online system through Paypal.To purchase your tickets directly , click here >>>>

4. One-on -One
All the organizing commitee members will be selling limited tickets on a one on one basis at diffrerent churches, fellowships and other community events.Call or check out a member at any of the following numbers:

1.Sam Karoki- Chairman (978) 394-8892:
2. Abel Kavogo- Co- Chair (857) 919-9331
3. William Mungai – Treasurer -(978) 876-4418)
4. Harrison Maina – Secretary -(78i) 953-2490)
5. Mary Ngugi – Co- secretary -(508) 579-2215)
6.John Karange – (978) 398-8952)
7.Bernard Karuri Njenga -(978)337-5217
8. Duncan Wachira – (339) 440-0153)
9. James Ngari: (508) 826-8579
10. Richard Odongo: (617) 959-9887
11. Patrick Inyagwa-978-390-9982
12.Joseph Mithiga- 617-394-9609
13.George Chege-978-996-7911
14.Lawrence Ngugi: 781-267-9879

5. At the Door-Not guaranteed
You can purchase your tickets at the door.However, due to heavy demand and limited sitting capacity, availability of tickets at the door is not guaranteed.

Pamoja, Wakenya Tunazidi Kuendelea Diaspora!

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