Much as we have a good number of Kenyans in our region, we also want to keep the spirit of being close to one another in all aspects of our lives. There is a common saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Some of our Kenyan families are fortunate and others are still working hard to reach that pick of success. While on the road to success, we as a community, we encounter some block on the way and we need to be encouraged and lifted up to keep moving forward. In our community death has always invaded us at the most unexpected hour and the less advantaged find it difficult to meet their financial obligations for the deceased, or those left behind (orphans or widows and widowers).
NEKWA therefore, has set up a Benevolence Fund Program to answer needs that arise from:

  • Bereavement (Misiba)of a family member or Relative here in the USA

 (Transporting friends to Homes or Church)

  • Funeral arrangements (Transporting of the Body of the Deceased back to Kenya and Burial in the USA).

-           High Medical expenses
-           Victims of natural disaster
-           Unemployed (that may not be able to pay for things like heat)

This program will be supported entirely by those who want to be members. But also will be supported by the goodwill of the people to help those in need in their act of kindness or charity. The Board of Directors will be responsible for the allocation of the funds and the just and fair administration distribution of the benevolence fund to make sure that those who deserve it receive it.
NEKWA aims at requesting pledges and donations towards this fund so that it continuously has funds available in order to avoid asking for abrupt fundraisings in the community.


Every year a good number of Kenyans migrate to the USA and arrive in the New England to settle in their new country. Like any one new to America, they arrive faced with many options but little to accommodate them. There is also the aspect of culture change and cultural shock as there are challenges of new ways of life vastly different from those in the country of origin-Kenya. They want to learn the American way and succeed in pursuit for the dream. Some of them are very young while others may be advanced in age, yet all having the goal to realize their plans of life in the USA. The laws of the new land may be very difficult for them and some end up forgetting how to go about their visas or their immigration benefits.
NEKWA therefore has developed Immigration and Acculturation program to enable our young and adult immigrants to be able to have a comfortable American cultural insertion and immersion.
The program aims at creating a center to:

  • Offer adult classes in American culture:
  • English for adults
  • Swahili for children and Teens
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Give directions for Immigration consultations
  • Offer Transportation facilities to places (Shopping, Doctor appointments, Social gatherings and Church 


America is a land of immigrants. Like any other cultures, Kenyans in Diaspora love to celebrate their roots and heritages. Kenya is not a closed unit but there are about 70 tribes that make the people of Kenya. As Kenyans, we are united when we meet at these events. There are a number of social festivals and civil holidays that Kenyans and their families want to relive. These are…….
NEKWA introduces this program as part of cultural celebration. Kenyans, through the spirit of Harambe contribute funds to make such days a success of brotherhood, and extending love and friendships in the USA and other areas. Among the main events that NEWKA celebrates include:

  • Boston Kenya Festival- (April 19-21, 2014)
  • Madaraka Day Cup & Sports Day- June 1
  • Worcester Kenya Festival & Flag-Raising Day –( June 15)
  • Diaspora Shujaa Awards- (October 22- Mashujaa day)
  • Jamhuri Day-(December 12)

4.    Funding
 In order to reach the goals for the various programs set by NEKWA, the funds for substance and support will be from the will of those wishing to offer something. 
NEKWA board of directors will then allocate funds according to desires of individual donors where applicable. Our funding model will involve:

  • Annual Fundraising called JIPANGE ANNUAL FAUNDRAISING DINNER (JAFD) organized by NEKWA and Program Advisers.
  • Donations
  • Social Hall
  • Transport
  • Financial Savings eg. CD’s etc.
  • Kenyan American Restaurant


NEKWA is expected to have proof of funds and resources to run these four programs. In order to reach our goals, we need funds from the goodwill of the people so we can serve the people in need. NEKWA has therefore set up an Annual Fundraising Dinner event called JIPANGE ANNUAL FAUNDRAISING DINNER (JAFD). This is a program in which we Kenyans and their families, friends all over the world to come and celebrate and share their time and talents with well-wishers of NEKWA’s programs. NEKWA will establish a fixed place and date that will be convenient for this function.

NEKWA set up a dinner fee and invites professional developmental speakers and entertainers to make a day a success. The Board members, together the administrative staff, arrange for this through a transparent budget.
During this Dinner, pledges are made and anyone who wishes to support a particular program may do so. Donations are accepted in big and small, online or by Cash, or by Check ad money orders.

Details coming soon...

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