Many people have expressed the desire to have an organization fully owned by the Kenyan community in New England to lobby and advocate for their civic needs. The time has now come to put those desires into reality. We are in the process of registering members to join and help grow a new progressive and organized community of Kenyans in New England than can solve our most pressing social needs.

We are in the process of registering members to join and help grow a new progressive and organized community of Kenyans in the Diaspora that can solve the most pressing community needs while promoting a vibrant social-cultural and economic development in the USA.

All members, regardless of background, including tribal, social or geographic location within the USA shall have similar and equal benefits as stated in the NEKWA by-laws.

Among the major benefits of membership are:
- Financial help in times of death of close family members and legal problems.
- Promotion of business, talents, giftings or ideas.
-Supporting members during weddings and baby showers.
- Membership card with unique membership number and certificate of good conduct.
- Kenyan language classes & culture for children, seminars and conferences of community importance.

To join NEKWA fill and submit the form or Download Registration Form, fill the details and mail back to the NEKWA office
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Nb: All Checks Payable to: New England Kenyan Welfare Association
Registration fee is a one time fee of $50.00 per person aged 21 years and above, $25 for children. Members will also be required to pay $10.00 a month per adult and $5 per child towards a death benevolent fund so that we can eliminate our recurring burial fund raising problems. The monthly contributions officially started on December 1st, 2012.
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Contacts: Directors,Vice -President & Excecutive Director: Harrison Maina-(781) 953-2490, Malden, MA
Organizing Secretary: Boney Chebet-857-312-0448, Jamaica Plain, MA , Treasurer: Elizabeth Wanyoike : (978) 809-5560, North Andover, MA
Director: Gabriel Muiruri: 508-304-0964, Worcester, MA

For more information, visit, or Email us at:
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