NEKWA's Solution to end recurrent burial fund raisings in the Kenyan Community in NE

Background facts

1. The Kenyan community is loosing an average of 10 Kenyans per year who have no life insurance or whose families do not disclose if their deceased had a life insurance cover at the time of death.

2. It costs an average of $8,500 for final funeral home expenses, which includes transporting the bodies of dead Kenyans to a corresponding funeral home in Nairobi, Kenya, for onward transportation to the final resting place. If you add the cost of airfare for one person who may want to accompany the body home for burial, then it comes to a total of about $10,000 per body.

3. Every Kenyan who looses a family member or a friend or room mate, whether the dead person was attending a particular Kenyan community church or not, usually run to Kenyan pastors for consolation and help at mobilizing funeral funds.

4. According to a recent report in the AjabuAfrica.com website, over the course of the last 3.5 years, since mid 2008 to present, when Ajabu Media started keeping records of deaths and resulting fundraisings in the Kenyan community in New England, the Kenyan community has spent about $600,000 to ship about 25 bodies of Kenyans back home.

5. This is an average of $24,000 per body, way above the actual base cost of $8,500 needed.

6. There is an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 Kenyan residents in Massachusetts .Most group insurance coverage companies in America do not undertake to insure members of a large group or church unless they are employed by sucha group.This is so as to avoid risk of loss of premium die to the uncertainty whether members of a particular group will continue to be members for a long time if they have no real monetary connection with the group.

7. Some Kenyans in the community already have their own individual life insurance policies with reputable life insurance companies in the USA, whether term life or cash value policies.

However, a good number of Kenyans can not qualify for such individual real life insurance policies due to several reasons eg.
-Serious or chronic medical challenges
-Serious financial challenges due to loss of jobs and lack of enough hours at some jobs to support many bills.
-Other challenges of an immigrant.


Based on the above facts, NEKWA has put forward the following solution for all Kenyans who will VOLUNTARILY decide to join the organization and participate to make the plan a success.

The Math:
Deaths in a Year: 10
Total amount needed for repatriation of each dead body to JKIA in Nairobi: $10,000
Expected contribution to take care of an average of 10 bereaved members a year: $100,000.00
Proposed membership : $10.00per month ($120.00/year)

To support this amount each year, we need to have a minimum of 1,000 members contributing $10.00 a month to raise $120,000.00 a year. Families with children will pay and extra $5.00 per month to cover all the children that may be in the family below 18 years old.

With an estimated population of 15,000 to 20,000 Kenyans in the New England region, it would not be difficult to have 1,000 registered members to make this highly needed benevolent fund solvent. This will still leave excess funds left over per year of about $20,000.00 Children

Scholarships and Community events
One suggestion put forward is to use the excess funds on providing scholarships to talented and deserving students within the Kenyan community. This will still leave sufficient funds over the years to take care of expenses during National celebration or necessary community events like crucial seminars as determined by the management committee and ratified by members.

The Death benevolent fund will be managed by a financial committee of not less than 5 members elected by members of NEKWA. Upon death of a member in good standing, the committee together with an assigned lawyer will make a check payable to the family or next of kin of each member of $10,000 within 24 hours of death.

Contact NEKWA immediately to register yourself and help Kenyans solve their own problems and maintain our dignity.
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